Client: Wharton House

Contractor: Stanmore

Site: Wharton House

Duration: 52 Weeks

Scope of Works:

Good planning was a key element of this project. Protection of residents being of paramount importance for this occupied building.

A 72sm2 gantry was designed and erected to give a storage area on the front elevation of the building. This was completed with additional guardrails, toe boarding and loading bay gate.

An overhead tunnel was erected over the pavement area to give protection to pedestrians. Both of these areas were completed hoarded to give further protection to the public.

The West elevation was required to be based out in the basement of the building and cantilevered out to the ground floor terrace. 750 beams were then spanned over the grilling.

The independent scaffold was then erected with the pre-planned adaption works in mind. This was completed with white netting and brick guards to allow better lighting for residents.

An 850kg hoist was supplied and used to elevate the materials to each level of scaffold.

We continue to inspect this project weekly and after adverse weather.

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